About us – about your future with us

Who we are?

Schaich Chemie develops and produces chemical materials
based on craftsmanship and creates a unique sense of achievement and sustainable business expansion
possible in the entire mineral surface area.

Application creates a head start. German quality since 1974.


Everyone is aware that mineral building materials need to be cleaned and protected and that their service life is increased over the long term.
Service companies can implement all of these measures reliably, easily and sustainably.


We constantly develop a unique offer to meet the needs, and coach craftsmen to position themselves uniquely in this market.


You can only create unique, efficient materials if you master the craftsmanship and do it permanently. Materials have to be constantly coordinated with craft requirements and scientific developments. This is only possible when craft and chemical development are closely united under one roof. That is our basis and our approach.


Collegiality, honesty, security, reliability, appreciation, simplicity and focus on the essentials

Miles & Stones

Change the future with a solid foundation and a unique strategy!

1973 - 1974: The foundation stone was laid

Base in Bavaria.

Mineral surfaces – and how to clean and protect them has been the main occupation right from the start. With the increasing construction activity in the 1950s, the need for building protection followed. Schaich Chemie did justice to this with solid materials.

Success strategy

Master the craft.

The basis for successful materials can only be the knowledge and application of the basic craft, paired with the ability to convert this knowledge into effective materials. Double-sided access to active craft and chemical knowledge gives users a real edge. www.stone-care.at is the craft base.

Wonderful future!

Most of it is not done yet.

Surfaces change. Chemical developments change. Requirements also change. Only those who change can also change something. We look forward to the new future challenges that will change the success of our users. Most of it is not done yet, wonderful future.

Manfred Schaich - Founder

In 1974 Manfred Schaich founded the company in Schwabach, near Nuremberg in Bavaria. Mineral surfaces – how to restore them to their original state and protect them sustainably was the great passion. But also how to pass on knowledge to craftsmen in an understandable way, and support them with difficult tasks and lead them to their goal. The path of material development started in the applied craft.

Johannes Seiwald - Owner and CEO

Johannes Seiwald first got to know Schaich Chemie in the 2000s. Seiwald has always been involved with mineral surfaces and is the founder of the service market leader in premium natural stone treatment – Stone Care Austria®, www.stone-care.at. After successful further training, Mr. Seiwald continues the company Schaich Chemie and leads it with a holistic approach, namely “Mastering craft and material development", and continuously prepares it for the challenges of the future.

Now and tomorrow

Ongoing innovation begins with active craftsmanship.

We can only deal with the challenges in the best possible way if we do the same work as our customers every day.

Now and tomorrow, this is the basis for truly effective chemical materials and the demands of our customers. Wonderful future – we are allowed to actively shape the development of the truly efficient mineral surface treatment for the next generations.

Application creates a head start.

Johannes Seiwald, Owner and CEO

Corporate philosophy

Vision, mission, philosophy, benefits and values: The basic constitution of our entrepreneurial work – set in stone. The full version shows you the complete picture of us and how we stand out from others.

Our goal = relevance for your success!

  1. Active service activity like you – and converting knowledge from it.
  2. Speak your language and reduce insecurities.
  3. Give confidence.

Customers say: “The only sensible approach to producing efficient materials!" The further development for craftsmen.

Application creates a headstart.

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Special solutions

Tailor-made special productions solve your individual challenge.

Private Labeling

You are incomparable on the market and unique with your own brand. We will also fulfill your dream in lower quantities.

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Consulting & Coaching

Thanks to quick advice directly from your craftsman colleague, you are always one step ahead and develop your business field profitably.