Treat mineral surfaces accurately.

The first “artisan-made" surface chemistry directly from the factory.

Made for craftsmen.

Accept every challenge on mineral surfaces.
130 solutions now in the palm of your hand.

Helps you treat surfaces more efficiently than usual because you are finally using materials that are “handcrafted".


You buy from the factory & get better results.


Gives you confidence in complex areas.


You appear and the roof cleans itself.


You will be superior to graffiti.


Makes you a specialist in new areas.


You will clean, prevent and protect economically.

The basis: We are active craftsmen

Efficient materials are created at the base, where handicrafts are carried out. This is where the knowledge arises of how a material can really help.

Craft and chemical development or production united under one roof: That is unique! Impressions come from the construction sites every day. Material adjustments for the construction site come every day. That makes the craftsman’s life easier.

Latest projects with Schaich Chemie®

With "craftsman-made chemistry", service providers experience their own further development and recognition from customers.

Wax Soapstone

Wax spots on soapstone slab

Protection Concrete Terrazzo

Protection on a concrete terrazzo swimming pool

Protection Concrete Terrazzo

Protection of concrete terrazzo floor in an office complex

What industry leaders have to say

Success with mineral surface treatment

We are a skilled chemical manufacturer and we dig deep into the subject every day. We are all about mineral surface treatment. In service and in material production. You will get this knowledge from us.

Special solutions

Tailor-made special productions solve your individual challenge.

Private Labeling

You are incomparable on the market and unique with your own brand. We will also fulfill your dream in lower quantities.

Sample request

You gain security and self-confidence when you test samples for free.

Consulting & Coaching

Thanks to quick advice directly from your craftsman colleague, you are always one step ahead and develop your business field profitably.