Roof cleaning and protection

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As the market-leading service provider in premium natural stone treatment, we specialize in the development and production of mineral surface chemicals and roof treatment products, such as concentrates for cleaning conventional and special problems and impregnations for sustainable protection against natural influences.

We produce products with quick, visible results as well as delayed self-cleaning effects.

The whole thing under the SCHAICH CHEMIE brand, as a recipe filler or as a private label manufacturer for wholesalers and system retailers. Mineral surface treatment pioneers since 1974.

Here you will find concentrated solutions for treatment in different reaction times:

Cleaning immediate effect

  • “Algen und Moos Reiniger" cleaner concentrate
  • “Cleanway Blau" cleaning concentrate

Delayed effect cleaning & protection

  • RemoPrev concentrate


  • WRA 80 protection against water
  • Fungal additional protection against algae growth

With these 3 products you can clean and protect the majority of all roofs:

Roof Facade Floor

An economical and efficient concentrate solution for the treatment of algae, moss, green growth or lichen on mineral surfaces, can be used independently for any place of application. One product – individual dosage – economical use.

Roof Facade Floor

Concentrated cleaning and protection product, decouples the adhesion of the dirt particles from the surface, wind and rain remove the dirt particles. At the same time it leaves behind an inhibitor against re-soiling. Depending on the situation, there may be a reaction after several weeks. Can be dosed practically and efficiently for economical use.

Water based hydrophobic impregnation

Concentrated protective impregnation on a water basis with a hydrophobic (water-repellent) effect. Highly concentrated, resistant to frost and road salt, can be used on all mineral surfaces and areas of application, e.g. on mineral roofs, facades or flat surfaces. Wide range of applications, very high economic efficiency thanks to individual application-side dosing.

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Roof care treatment of algae, moss, green covering

The application partner had succeeded with: "Algen und Moos Reiniger", concentrate for cleaning, then protection against re-algae and protection against water. For this, the product "WRA 80" (hydrophobic impregnation) was mixed with the product "FUNGAL" (algicidal, fungicidal additive). In this way, protection can be provided against algae growth and water in one work routine.

Special roof cleaner & protection solutions

Here you will find references to special solutions for individual challenges on a wide variety of material types:

Algae Cleaner "Algen und Moos Reiniger" Concentrate

Floor facade roof

"RemoPrev" Anti Green Cleaning & Protection

Floor facade roof

"Cleanway Blau" Universal Concentrate

All-round industrial cleaner & permanent care

"WRA 80" Protective Impregnation Water Resistant

Facade Roof Floor

"Fungal" Algicide Fungicide Addition

Facade Roof Floor

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Case studies for roof cleaning

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Moss Self-Cleaning Roof

Lichen moss green growth self-cleaning on roof

Moss Self-Cleaning Tile Roof

Lichens moss green growth self-cleaning on roof

Algae Green Growth Lichens On Concrete Roof

Staining by algae, green growth, lichens

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