Core Competence – what will make you different and successful?

Knowhow – Skills – Deliver

We have decades of craftsmanship experience in the highest performance class of mineral surface treatment, and have positioned ourselves as a leader in premium natural stone treatment. StoneCare Austria®, premium stone care treatments, has its homeland in a unique granite mining area in Austria, and is at home at many places all over Europe and the UA Emirates.

The base: StoneCare Austria®, Premium Stone Care

At the same time, we have mastered the development and manufacture of those chemical materials that are an essential guarantee of success in the trade.

We combine everything under one roof. This constellation makes us pretty unique. We provide this knowledge and potential in the all-encompassing product, service and growth package from Schaich Chemie.

Application creates a head start.

Not like others, as craftsmen we really produce and develop ourselves and do not have a one-off product produced by someone else.

The basis: Premium natural stone treatment

Treat problem cases in the Champions League of natural stone cleaning across Europe with Stone Care Austria® ""

Challenging surfaces

Successful results at the highest level. Experience on historical buildings around Europe. Empirical values since 1970's.

Active in service every day

Service and chemical materials – permanent top performance in high quality environment

Extensive areas of application

Special cleaning – preventive protection – application advice. Experience and security on small and large properties.

Craftsman researches, develops and produces true chemistry

As a craftsman, always directly on the object and in the laboratory. We experience both challenges.

The relationship couldn't be more intense.


Immediate practice request in the laboratory

Challenges on the construction site come directly and without detour to the laboratory. The development takes place without delay and independently. Always in the spirit and with the development goal of the craftsman.

True test environment

Verification under real conditions

Daily work on the construction site enables endless testing possibilities under true, natural conditions. The products are subjected to extreme endurance tests regardless of time and location.


Rapid availability on the construction site

Passed the test run? Then it goes back to the object. The challenge was accepted and mastered independently and quickly in the spirit of the craftsman.

Try a free sample!

Self-testing is the best way to convince yourself of the effectiveness of a product on the respective substrate material. Request a free test sample now.

Read "The Craftsmen Success Story"

Part 1 of 3: The basis for success: 3P® - Professional Produces Products

Focus on the essentials:

The Schaich Chemie® Group of companies mainly focuses on mineral building materials. Natural stone, concrete and co. is our world. If you want to develop really helpful materials and auxiliary materials for the mineral surface care sector, you have to understand the craft, practice it continuously, and develop it continuously.

Those who understand the craft understand the material. Anyone who can manufacture materials has a clear advantage.

For your best result, we set ourselves these demanding 9 core requirements:

  • Understand the craft – only then will you understand the shaping of the solution
  • Master the creation of the solution requirement yourself
  • Create independently what you think is right
  • Produce chemistry materials that actually help you efficiently
  • Produce concentrates that save costs
  • Continuously develop your chemical materials
  • Constantly question your results
  • Know the effects on the building material
  • Share your knowledge, your chemical material with craftsmen colleagues who appreciate this approach

Part 2 of 3: The accelerator: "P360®" - The basic orientation for growth in the mineral surface industry

The P360® success model is the unique and revolutionary basis for efficient working methods on mineral surfaces and sustainable growth for the employing company. For the production of efficient solutions, the permanent execution of the associated service by the chemical manufacturer itself is the focus. This basis creates essential success factors for the user.

The Schaich Chemie® user stands out in the service industry.

Your future collaboration with Schaich Chemie® opens the horizon for your unique positioning on the market:

People who use it will get:

  • Privilege (permanent connection with the craft knowledge base)
  • Potential (new additional development opportunities)
  • Performance (performance increase and optimization)
  • Progress (current and sustainable progress)
  • Professionalism (self-realization)

Product, advantage in sales:

  • Product innovation & variation (further development based on the latest technical standards)
  • Power (power of concentrates)
  • Point (clear, the essential products to the point)
  • Private label (self-realization of your own idea through your own brand)

Part 3 of 3: The 11x success formula: Why you will boost in your stone-related business.

Special people and a special product standing at the base.

On top of that there are 9 special arguments that will set Schaich Chemie® users apart in the market.

If you use everything, the result is a multiple of these 11 drivers. So 11x your success!

1 Professional Base creates 1 Professional Product + 9 Perspectives = 11x Reasons for uniqueness

It is our drive to get the most out of yourself with you.

Do you want to go to the top? Then don't work with amateurs! But trust in the base.

Schaich Chemie – application creates a head start.

Special solutions

Tailor-made special productions solve your individual challenge.

Private Labeling

You are incomparable on the market and unique with your own brand. We will also fulfill your dream in lower quantities.

Sample request

You gain security and self-confidence when you test samples for free.

Consulting & Coaching

Thanks to quick advice directly from your craftsman colleague, you are always one step ahead and develop your business field profitably.