Treatment chemicals for mineral surfaces developed and produced in-house by the market-leading service provider for premium natural stone treatment. 

The first and unique “from the craftsman – for the craftsman" chemistry materials for mineral surfaces.

Ineffective off-the-shelf products are annoying. True thought-out chemistry gives you security and confidence.

Market-leading craft and chemical production are united under one roof. Permanent craftsmanship paired with chemical knowledge brings rapid implementation in the efficient production of chemical materials.

The secret of success: The 3P® technology

The market-leading premium natural stone professional produces premium products.

Mainly used problem solvers

Concentrating on the essentials means achieving a lot with just a few products – and that is the Schaich Chemie credo. Only a handful of materials are needed for almost every application.

"Algen und Moos" cleaning concentrate

Facade Roof Floor

An economical and efficient concentrate solution for the treatment of algae, moss, green growth or lichen on mineral surfaces, can be used independently for any place of application. One product – individual dosage – economical use.

"Cleanway Blau" cleaning concentrate

All surfaces

Highly dosed cleaning and care concentrate for the treatment of organic soiling, oily and greasy residues or conventional soiling on a very wide range of surfaces. Use on natural stone, wood, plastic, concrete, glass, ceramics, metal, textile, stainless steel, tiles. Economical use through individual dosing.

Impregnation "WRA 80" Water repellent protection

Waterbased conentrate

Concentrated protective impregnation based on water with a hydrophobic (water-repellent) effect. Highly concentrated, resistant to frost and road salt, can be used on all mineral surfaces and areas of application, e.g. on facades, roofs or flat surfaces. Broad field of application, very high economic efficiency thanks to individual application-side dosing.

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You gain security and confidence for your next project when you create a test area with free samples.

The basis: 3P® - Craftsman-Professional Produces Products

The S-Chem Enterprise group of companies with the Stone Care Service Comp. ( and Schaich Chemical Industry units focuses on fundamental knowledge of mineral building materials.

Anyone who wants to develop true chemical materials has to do the craft permanently and produce the products independently and in-house.

The Stone Care Service Comp. ( on the market is primarily in the premium natural stone treatment: A demanding science on the valuable materials that have been created on our planet over thousands of years.


Treatment & remediation


Advice & coaching


Research, development, production

The fundamental guiding principles of the Schaich Chemie corporate orientation

  • Understand the craft – then you will understand the need for a solution
  • Master the creation of the solution requirement yourself
  • Create independently what is right in your sense
  • Produce materials that help efficiently
  • Produce concentrates that save costs
  • Produce concentrates that save costs
  • Question and develop continuously
  • Know the effects of the materials on the building material
  • Share your knowledge and promote all progress

Your basis: With "P360®" - professionally set up all round

Everyone will be successful in mineral surface treatment. The P360® service package is the basis for this. Nine different factors in the unit with Schaich Chemie provide security and confidence. The focus is on people and services.

With this basic focus on sustainable success, the user stands out. Application creates a head start.


Product - Service and Product

For your personal development in terms of "People" you will get:

  1. Privilege (your access to the knowledge base)
  2. Potential (your new development opportunities)
  3. Performance (your current increase in performance)
  4. Progress
  5. Professionalism (your opportunity for self-actualization)

For your personal development in terms of "Product" you will get:

  1. Product innovation (your access to the latest developments)
  2. Power (your access to powerful, concentrated products)
  3. Point (your access to clear, essential products)
  4. Private label (your own brand becomes true)

Your success: 11. X The craftsman's formula for success!

You are now perfectly positioned – but you have to run your business yourself!

The Schaich Chemie 3P® production access and the P360® service package give you the basis for your success. People and product in interaction with 9 decisive factors. There are eleven of us together – like a soccer team. You decide how strong we will be, you are the X-factor.

Do you want to go to the top? Then don't work with amateurs! But trust in the base.

Schaich Chemie – application creates a head start.

Special solutions

Tailor-made special productions solve your individual challenge.

Private Labeling

You are incomparable on the market and unique with your own brand. We will also fulfill your dream in lower quantities.

Sample request

You gain security and self-confidence when you test samples for free.

Consulting & Coaching

Thanks to quick advice directly from your craftsman colleague, you are always one step ahead and develop your business field profitably.