Natural Stone Care

Effectiveness and safety at the production price.

We specialize in the development and production of stone care products: Concentrates for cleaning common and special soiling and impregnations for sustainable protection against natural influences. The whole thing under the SCHAICH CHEMIE® brand, as a recipe filler for large corporations or as a private label manufacturer for franchise or system retailers. Mineral surface pioneers since 1974.

Here you will find special solutions for individual challenges on a wide variety of material types:

Type of soiling

  • Algae, green growth, lichen, moss
  • Soot, road dust
  • Concrete veil, cement veil
  • Rust, lignin
  • Oil, grease, bitumen, hydraulic oil
  • Lime, nitric efflorescence
  • Scratches, chemical burns, dull areas
  • Varnishes, paints, glue residues


  • Hard rock
  • Soft rock
  • Artificial rock
  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Travertine
  • Gneiss, basalt, quartzite, porphyry

With these 3 products you can clean and protect many types of natural stone:

Natural stone cleaning and care

Cleaning and care in one product. Removes organic soiling on almost all surfaces. Ideal for long-term care of natural stone – coordinated with Schaich Chemie impregnations. Individual dosage of the concentrate for economical use.

Natural stone cleaning and care

Concentrate for removing extreme incrustations and dirt on all acid-resistant surfaces. Works, for example, on soot, efflorescence, rust residues, grouting residues, fats or oils. Also has an anti-slip effect. Concentrated – saves on consumption.

High-performance impregnation solvent basis

High-performance impregnation on a solvent basis with water and oil repellent effect, protection against all kinds of stains. Neutral in color, open to diffusion, resistant to frost and de-icing salt. For indoor and outdoor areas. High-performance product for demanding protection areas.

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What is the difference between Schaich natural stone care solutions and others?

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  • High-performance concentrates developed and produced by the mineral surface care market leader
  • Over 60 years of experience in mineral surface treatment for handicrafts and materials – everything united under one roof!
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  • Accompanies you in new business potentials

Lime traces and lime residues on natural stone

The application partner had success with: "Kalklöser Spezial" lime remover for cleaning, "Cleanway Blau" for neutralization, then protection with stain and oil protection "F18" to achieve a high-performance protective effect against water, oil and all kinds of stains.

Special natural stone cleaners and protection solutions

Here you will find special cleaners, protective and additional products for special challenges on various types of natural stone:

Algae Cleaner "Algen und Moos Reiniger" Concentrate

Floor facade roof

"RemoPrev" Anti Green Cleaning & Protection

Floor facade roof

"Cleanexan" Special Cleaner Sour Gel Concentrate

Facade Floor

"Cleanway Blau" Universal Concentrate

All-round industrial cleaner & permanent care

"WRA 80" Protective Impregnation Water Resistant

Facade Roof Floor

"Schmutzbrecher" Concentrate Alkaline

Floor Machine Devices

"Kalklöser Spezial" Concentrate

Floor Plaster Facade

Incrustation Remover Sour "Steinreiniger S" Concentrate

Floor Facade

"Rostlöser PH"

Floor Facade

"Zement- und Betonschleierentferner"

Floor Facade

"Siloxan W290" protective impregnation

Protective impregnation "Siloxan W290" water protection, color shade transparent

"Fleckschutz F18" impregnation color shade neutral

Floor plaster countertop

"Fleckschutz F15" impregnation color shade intensifying

Floor plaster worktop

Cotto floor care simplification "Floor Polish Konzentrat"

Floor surfaces

Remove oil with "PR Ölemulgator"

Floor Wall

Remove wax spots and clean oil stains with "Wachs- Öl- Fettlösespray"

Floor Wall

Strip hydraulic oil with "Pro 14 Paste"

Floor Facade

Remove saltpetre efflorescence with "Salpeter Stop" concentrate

Facade Wall Surfaces

Remove color with "Disperfix FL"

Floor Wall Machines

Remove stickers and glue residues with "Klebex"

Floor Wall

Remove epoxy resin with "Epoxidharz Entferner"

Floor Surfaces

Remove silicone and silicone residues with "Silikon Entferner"

Floor Wall Surfaces

Remove bitumen and tar with "Lösokon"

Floor Surfaces Machines

Grinding and polishing in one process "Marmorglanz Polierpulver"

Floor Surfaces

Cleaning and protection on lacquer and metal with "California Clean Polierpaste"

Floor Surfaces

Treat mildew with "Schimm-LEX"

Floor Wall Ceiling

Stop territorial marking of dogs with "Hunde- Katzen- und Marderstop"

Surfaces Vehicles

Remove chalk residues in sanitary area with "Sanitex" concentrate

Floor Wall Ceiling

Graffiti protection non-absorbent undergrounds with "Antigraffiti"

Non-absorbent surfaces

Graffiti protection non-absorbent undergrounds with "MS 601"

Absorbent surfaces

Paint removal and coating removal with "MS Spezial PR"

Tools Facade Surface

Smut nicotine and fat cleaner "Alkon 5"

Floor wall surfaces

Shell limestone travertine marble cleaner "Alkon 14"

Facade areas floor

Stabilise building materials with "Steinfestiger OH" concentrate

Floor wall surfaces

Grouting support

Floor Wall Surfaces

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Case studies for natural stone care

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Wax Soapstone

Wax spots on soapstone slab

Protection Terrazzo

Protection on molded terrazzo, floor and stairs

Protection Marble

Protection of marble surface

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