Architect gains reliability

The security of satisfying customers in the long term and keeping building structures in their original state in the long term: That is the responsible and successful goal!


As a unique “chemical handworker" – market leader in premium stone care, we develop and produce sustainable solutions for service providers and building decision-makers on demanding mineral surfaces since 1974.


We counter fear, uncertainty and doubts in the decision with our unique “user creates a head start" development and production access: We are craftsmen in the premium natural stone treatment and produce our successful material ourselves!


Decades of experience in craft, chemistry and, above all, the coordination of both guarantees of success will master the challenges. Your result based on our Core Competences, your challenge will soon be part of our succes  Case Studies.


New buildings: protective solutions for water, algae, lichen, dust, soot, …

Existing buildings: Economical cleaning and protection preparations


New buildings: preventive impregnation (algae, soot, moos, lichen, dust, …)

Existing buildings: instant or automatic cleaner – protection combination

Natural Stone

New buildings: first maintenance and preventive protection

Existing buildings: solutions for special soiling case studies

Graffiti removal

New buildings: preventive protection solutions

Existing buildings: material-friendly removers & protection

Concrete and finished surfaces

New building: first maintenance and preventive protection

Existing buildings: individual special cleaners

All products at a glance

Concentrated industrial product solutions for demanding construction projects. Decades of references across Europe thanks to the unique “user creates head start" quality access. References on German historical Buildings since 1974.

Special preparations

In use under the toughest conditions

Unusual impurities can only be removed with a profound knowledge of chemical materials and a lot of experience in their application. Anyone who masters both can successfully face any challenge.

To the specialist department "cleaning"

Research & Development

High-performance protection for concrete & mineral surfaces

Research and development directly on the construction site or in the building materials plant. In this way, high-quality mass protection products with “craftsmen" quality access are developed.

To the specialist department "core competence"

Protective impregnations

Whoever has a brain, protects it!

Mineral surfaces are exposed to weathering. Therefore protect with high-performance impregnation and preserve the building fabric.

To the specialist department "care"

Try a free sample!

Self-testing is the best way to convince yourself of the effectiveness of a product on the respective substrate material. Request a free test sample now.

Tailor-made solutions for your needs

User success stories LIVE from the construction site:

Solnhofen limestone - removal of heavy organic soiling

Concrete block pavement - removal of engine oil residues

Road Signs - spray paint / graffiti removal

Protection solutions directly on the object

Impregnations provide lasting protection and give the client reliability!

Wax Soapstone

Wax spots on soapstone slab

Protection Concrete Terrazzo

Protection on a concrete terrazzo swimming pool

Protection Terrazzo

Protection on molded terrazzo, floor and stairs

What industry leaders and architects have to say

Special solutions

Tailor-made special productions solve your individual challenge.

Private Labeling

You are incomparable on the market and unique with your own brand. We will also fulfill your dream in lower quantities.

Sample request

You gain security and self-confidence when you test samples for free.

Consulting & Coaching

Thanks to quick advice directly from your craftsman colleague, you are always one step ahead and develop your business field profitably.