Effectiveness and safety at the production price.

It makes the job easier when auxiliaries make their contribution. We are craftsmen and chemical manufacturers at the same time and develop chemical materials based on our own craftsmanship experience.

The whole thing under the SCHAICH CHEMIE® brand, as a recipe filler or as a private label manufacturer for wholesalers and system retailers.

Here you will find solutions to help with building protection problem cases:

Type of application

  • Grouting of natural stone, ceramics
  • Consolidation of the subsoil
  • Solidification of the masonry
  • Grouting with silicone
  • Pre-impregnation 


  • Natural stone, concrete, ceramics
  • Artificial stone
  • Brick, mortar

These products will support you in your building protection challenges:

Water-dilutable concentrate

For pre-impregnation of highly absorbent substrates, it prevents the grouting residues from sticking on the one hand and provides basic protection on the other. No impairment of the edge formation. High concentrate – economical to use when diluted.

Ready-to-use mixture

Strengthens crumbly building material layers by richly spraying, painting or soaking. Mainly used in the restoration of natural stone, stucco or frescoes.

For modeling silicone

Water-thinnable solution for the simplified surface design of silicone or sealing compounds. Smoothes the surfaces of sealants. Suitable on mineral surfaces.

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What is different with Schaich auxiliary products than with others?

Application creates a head start!

  • High-performance concentrates developed and produced by the mineral surface care market leader
  • Over 60 years of experience in mineral surface treatment for handicrafts and materials – everything united under one roof!
  • Exchange of experiences at eye level from colleague to colleague
  • Accompanies you in new business potentials

Here you will find special solutions for individual challenges on a wide variety of material types:

"Fungal" Algicide Fungicide Addition

Facade Roof Floor

Clean Car Rims With "Felgenreiniger Konzentrat"

Car rims

Smoothing and modelling of silicone with "Silikonguide Glättmittel" concentrate


Stabilise building materials with "Steinfestiger OH" concentrate

Floor wall surfaces

Grouting support

Floor Wall Surfaces

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Here you will find references to special solutions for individual challenges on a wide variety of material types:

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